Every evening he brings me flowers, Litro Magazine, May 2022

“I’m just not the same since the dead baby came out of me…Since the baby, I can’t remember what the rest of the house looks like.”

A Mere Two Yards, Lunate Fiction, April 2021

“They begin to feel like furniture after a while, all parents who move in with their children here in the West.”

Moment of Many Colours, Visual Verse, January 2021

“Something changed with the pills. Angles became visible in the white.”

The Encroachers, RIC Journal, January 2021

“The humans had called me because they had been having troubles. There were encroachers on their properties.”

The Only Way, Visual Verse, August 2020

“If there’s got to be love in these times, it’s got to be old school, face-to-face”

Stardust, Fragmented Voices, June 2020

“Always, the fans. Always, the admirers. Always, the autographs”

Moments, Pendemic, May 2020

“The end comes slowly, small moments steadily losing their luster over time”

To a Time Beyond Tomorrow, Visual Verse, May 2020

“Write for a time beyond tomorrow, for tomorrow I will be gone”

Iffat Khala, The Scores, Winter 2020 issue

“Most grown-ups behave as if they’ve never been kids. Or forgot what it was like, and didn’t want anyone else to remember either. I didn’t like that. Which is why I was glad there was still Iffat Khala”

Unbroken City, Black Horse Review, November 2019

“Mark my words. If you want to start a new life, there is no better place than this”

Meticulous, Nymphs, November 2019

“She was beginning to lose patience with the grey, and getting obsessive about the lines, the black and white”

Anthem, The Punch, November 2019

“That winter day was unlike any other, though. The combination that unlocked gratitude every day didn’t seem to work that day. I had never seen snow before in my life”

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