Picture Credit: Frank Herfort and Miriam Cooke

Pilgrim Trail of Roots, The News on Sunday, May 2021

“Language is a verb, language is work, language is a never-ending act of becoming. The way it is explored here, language is never, indeed, can never be a finished act- done, dusted, perfected.”

Artwork “Fighter Bride” by Uldus Bakhtiozina

Picture Credit: Uldus Bakhtiozina

Uldus Bakhtiozina, Newsline, June 2015

With unwavering childlike courage, Bakhtiozina’s portraits harp upon obvious but overlooked questions, questions that would make any assembly of grown-ups squirm.

Art Dubai

Picture Credit: Art Chowk Gallery

Art Dubai 2015, April 2015

Art Dubai’s ninth edition confirms its grasp of the global game it set out to play.

Book covers of Tribal Modern by Miriam Cooke and Imperial Pomp by Frank Herfort

Picture Credit: Frank Herfort and Miriam Cooke

The New Gatsbys, September 2014

Nations are narratives. Two recent books explore how Gulf Arab and post-Soviet states construct and broadcast their national narratives.

Art Dubai

Picture Credit: Art Dubai

Standing Tall: Art Dubai 2014

This year at the buzzing Art Dubai, we use the South Asian presence as a marker to reflect upon events which have just elapsed and to weigh in on the promise of those to come.

X-ray image of silhouette of Saudi man, i-phone and headphones also in frame

Picture Credit: Maha Malluh

The Way of Things, Review of Maha Malluh’s work, Contemporary Practices, May 2012

Saudi artist uses a thing-index as barometer to map and measure Saudi Arabia’s complex realities in the face of change.

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