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The Writer and the Café, Lucy Writers’ Platform, February 2022

“The café is both an island and a window to the world. It’s the right distance from life … so you can switch between writing-in-solitude mode and people-watching mode.”

Shadow Heroes Translation Collective

Picture Credit: PEN Transmissions

Translating Place and Places of Translation, July 2021

“There are places that aren’t on Google Maps – side streets in Jakarta, for instance, that aren’t named on Google Maps. Not everything is under surveillance. These are spaces of community knowledge.”

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Lull: translating Silence, Poetry Birmingham, May 2021

“Translation is an act of the body and the bones, not a scrambling and unscrambling of fragments in the head.”

Light entering a room through slit of opened door

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Translation as Homecoming, Lucy Writers Platform, December 2020

What is our own language then? Can a language belong to us even if we have never lived where it is spoken?

Perveen Shakir, Pakistani poet

Picture Credit: UrduPoint

Portraits in Verse, The News on Sunday, June 2020

While these portraits bear the stamp of their lived time and age, they are not period pieces. They tingle with a humanity that is universal and timeless.

Perveen Shakir, Pakistani poet

Picture Credit: Perveen Shakir Trust

Revisiting Perveen Shakir, Newsline, June 2019

Why is Perveen Shakir so frequently and frustratingly remembered only as a swooning romantic?

Picture Credit: Winkleman Gallery

Artistan, Newsline, August 2014

The Central Asian republics are creating exciting new identities in their art, but the past lingers.

Stamp painting of sign to Makkah, saying non-Muslims cannot enter

Picture Credit: Abdulnasser Gharem

Makkah: Constant City, Changing Face, Newsline, November 2013

Makkah will always embody this duality, the parallel but contradictory dynamics of city and symbol, of place and notion.

Blog banners for blogs Susie of Arabia and Blue Abbaya

Picture Credit: Susie Johnson and Laylah of Blue Abbaya

Exotic Paradox: Expats Blog In Saudi Arabia, Newsline, November 2012

The most interesting news about Saudi Arabia lies beyond the pages of Arab News, in the blogs of expats married to Saudi men.

Suspended Together” by Manal Al-Dowayan. Arrangement of ceramic doves in flight , some suspended from the ceiling with strings, some on the floor

Picture Credit: Manal Al-Dowayan and Cuadro Gallery Dubai

Rising Sands, Newsline, September 2011

Perhaps the beauty of contemporary Saudi art lies in how it forces us to look a certain way and to affirm a certain facet of truth. In seeing it, we find a new way of seeing.

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